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As a Nutrition Coach my aim is to:

• Guide & Motivate you
• Help you take accountability
• Encourage a healthy relationship with food
• Work on behaviours towards food
• Work on your physical and mental health together
• Free you from the diet mindset

Above all, my aim is to help you learn to embrace life and take things 'one bite at a time'.

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About me

Hi, I'm Sharan. Growing up I was always the 'fat one' the one who my family would continually make jokes about, without realising the long term effects it had on me as a child. So naturally, growing up, I was very concerned about my appearance, and in particular, my weight: I was constantly seeking that quick fix, that one 'diet' which would change my life so that I too could be slim. Having been on and off so many unsuccessful diets I was introduced to a personal trainer who taught me the importance of food and to nurture my body - the total opposite to all the dieting I had been doing! Can I really eat carbohydrates? The answer was a resounding 'Yes' I can and should be eating all food groups. As sceptical as I was, I followed the directive given to me by my trainer and sure enough, the weight started to fall and my interest in food began to grow.

I've been looking after my health for the past two decades and I am pleased to say that the weight has stayed off despite having two children. Becoming a mother has made nutrition even more important to me so I decided it's time to focus on what I love - Nutrition and to help other people who may be struggling to lose weight as a result of the diet industry labelling food as 'good' and 'bad'.

Now my goal is to help those who are looking to improve their health by saying 'no' to poor diets and calorie counting. To help those individuals who may have been mentally scarred (like I was) into thinking food is the enemy when it simply isn't. I'd love to help you on your journey into good health 'One bite at a time'.

I was often asked whether I provided recipes, at first, I didn't but after looking into this I found that there were not many recipe books out there that not only provided your macros but also showed you how to create the recipe. Click the link to find out more about two E-books which have been devised for Nutrition and You - these books are amazing, they will sync to MyFitnessPal and show you how simple it can be to make nutritious meals!

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What my clients are saying!

  • Rita, Slough
    I approached Sharan after reading another post on Instagram showcasing her amazing nutrition programme and how she had helped someone reverse their type 2 diabetes. I got in touch with Sharan and joined her 3 month programme. She educated me about how important food choices were but did this gradually which was really important for me. I didn’t want to be on a strict nutrition programme that prohibited food choices, the plan had no food items that were off limits! Over the course of the 12 weeks, I gradually made better food choices and this was through Sharan educating me and giving me constant help and tips to help me in my journey. I am thrilled to say my recent blood test has come back ‘normal’, no diabetes or even pre-diabetes !!! Thank you Sharan for being patient, informative, understanding and very supportive!
    Rita, Slough
  • Hurmeet, Slough
    I joined Sharan after seeing her genuine commitment to Nutrition, she is passionate about making little changes for big a impact. I knew things were going to be difficult for me as I have a busy mum lifestyle and struggle with underlying health conditions. Sharan provides real solutions and this is what I loved about the program. Sharan never gave up on me when I was having a wobble but really dug deep into the reasons why, offered suggestions and worked with me every week. I now have a visible inch loss in as little as 12 weeks, I'm walking more and feeling fitter too!
    Hurmeet, Slough
  • Kiran - Slough
    I have been working with Sharan over these past 8 weeks and the biggest thing for me was that she helps you move away from diets and coaches you as an individual.  There are no meals plans, no food is off limits either! I cannot thank Sharan enough for her support and encouragement!
    Kiran - Slough
  • Jasdip Sahajpal, Walsall
    I had tried every fad diet out there over the years & ultimately all that happened was that I ended up putting on more weight each time & blaming myself for failing, when I came across Sharan’s page It was just a revelation, I have learnt so much from her, lost the guilt I associated with eating, Sharan has taught Me that I am much more than the numbers on the scale, she’s taught me how to fuel my body & ultimately learn to love myself again and just be kinder to myself . The absolute key has been the change in mindset & honestly I will never try “quick” fix again!  I’ve had some pretty major events happening whilst working with Sharan and she has been so amazing & supportive throughout I can’t thank her enough. I would 100% recommend Sharan to you all, 2020 was a tough year for us all , taking the time to care for myself , invest in myself and lose the guilt has been one of best things I have ever done, thank you Sharan xxx
    Jasdip Sahajpal, Walsall
  • Rajpal Kaur - Wolverhamption
    Thanks to Sharan I am now making better food choices!  Sharan's coaching has made me feel in control of food whereas before I felt for was controlling me. This new approach to eating coupled with exercise has made me feel so much better mentally and physically and above all I am so happy that my back is feeling better.   I am feeling fitter and stronger too!  If anyone is struggling with their eating I highly recommend Sharan's coaching to set you up on the right path!  
    Rajpal Kaur - Wolverhamption
  • Prabhjeet Kaur, Romford
    Working with Sharan in such a short span has been a life changing experience.  I have always had an unhealthy lifestyle and suffered with stomach problems but I have become healthier since starting with Sharan.  In such a short space of time I have lost 6lbs and 10inch over my whole body. Aside from this I also have more energy in the day and I'm sleeping better at night! Sharan is very helpful and knowledgeable and set me achievable weekly targets.  Alongside all the nutritional aspects I was encouraged to become more active, even something as small as walking 30min a day.  I honestly cannot thank Sharan enough for all her help and support - this has not been a diet, it's been a lifestyle change which I will be continuing to do.
    Prabhjeet Kaur, Romford
  • Sandy Kundi, Bradford
    Sharan has really helped me to emotionally understand my relationship with food!  My habit was snacking and mindlessly eating.  I've really grasped how to understand my relationship with food, I am losing weight and I feel confident about what I am eating & how I am feeling.   This lifestyle change has given me the confidence I needed to enjoy food and still feel satisfied.   I've learnt my love for salads which never existed before Nutrition & You!  Sharan has helped me to give up my coffee addiction & I'm only drinking one small cup a day - thank you again!
    Sandy Kundi, Bradford
  • Karen, Surrey
    Sharan, I wanted to say I feel really lucky to have had your support and guidance.  You've been such a blessing, one I really needed with losing weight & understanding food,.  I've lost just over a stone in and 17 inches overall.  I feel so full of energy and really happy.  I can't believe its only taken 7 weeks so far.  I'm excited to see what the next few months will bring! Thank you so very much for all your help.
    Karen, Surrey
  • Gurdeep Kaur, Ashford
    Sharan is a great personal food coach who has  helped me change my mind set about food, drastically cut my sugar levels down. She’s helped me understand Kcals (Calories) and portion sizes. She’s also helped me personally because I have celiac disease which requires a gluten free diet as its a chronic condition, so she tailors her plans to each individual which makes it so personalised. I would defiantly recommend Sharan to everyone. She’s always said Gurdeep anything your not sure about anything your stuck on please pop me a text or give me a call no matter the hour.  
    Gurdeep Kaur, Ashford
  • Anna, High Wycombe
    Sharan is great to work with! Her approach is skilful, comprehensive and the steps are small enough to feel manageable and yet the results were fully noticeable. I have more energy and am better informed of the nutritional choices I am making. She has motivated me to continue making these positive changes in the future!
    Anna, High Wycombe
  • Jas, Gerrard’s Cross
    Sharan Verma is a one-of-a-kind nutritionist! She portrays a high level of professionalism and sincerity in every task she undertakes. Her comprehensive approach along with her cutting edge interventions, in-depth personalised assessment and testing make her a very unique dietitian/nutritionist. She firmly believes in eating right, thereby giving her clients the ability to quickly achieve and maintain their personal health goals and live a happier, healthier and longer life.
    Jas, Gerrard’s Cross

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